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People targeted by the campaign: About 1,000 people will benefit from the iftar meals while 1,250 people will benefit from the food baskets, about 250 families in total

The project targets the vulnerable families and those families with no income, and those who had lost their breadwinners, widows’ families, orphans and persons with special needs, and those suffering from malnutrition in the besieged city of Taizz

The cost of one food basket is $50 at a minimum weight of 43 kg and contains basic food items such as (flour, rice, sauce, beans, oil, sugar)

Iftar meal costs $1.5 (per person)

Ahl Al-Khair Campaign in Yemen

by Social Development International (SDI) Tags : food baskets, iftar meals, orphans, ramadan, refugees, Taizz, Yemen, Zakat

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Taaiz, Yemen, Yemen

The campaign aims to alleviate the suffering of people in Yemen, especially widows, orphans and the elderly during the holy month of Ramadan, by distributing food baskets and iftar meals

The project aims to provide each family with a food basket that meets their needs throughout the holy month of Ramadan, in addition to providing 30 thousand iftar meals with an average of 1000 meals per day in the besieged city of Taizz. A full iftar meal will be provided to each family consisting of a chicken with rice with along with bread, salad, yogurt plus dates, water and some fruits.

The objective of the campaign is to support the families in needs and helping them to fast the holy month of Ramadan by providing them with their food needs of the food items and iftar meals with a focus on vulnerable families and those who had lost their breadwinners

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