Save the lives of starving Yemeni children

Addressing the worst humanitarian crisis in human history, Yemen sees…

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Nursery in Shaam

"Two out of three children in Bilaad As Shaam now…

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My Celebration

Have a Qurbani/Udhiyah(Sacrifice) to make be it for an Aqiqah,…

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IQRA Charity continues to raise awareness, amplifying the voices of…

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Morocco Earthquake Appeal

A powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake ripped through Morocco last night…

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Illuminate the future of Yemen's children with education

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Give2Gain Campaign

They need our help, we need their duas! “Sadaqah(Charity) does…

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Clean Water For Rohingya & Bangladeshi Needy

Provide Clean Water to disadvantaged people and Rohingya refugees in…

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Support Rohingya Widows in Bangladeshi Camp

Widows are going through the most challenging time inside the…

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