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The Gaza Gym in Syria powered by Wicked N Bad.

“Boxing saved my life” is a saying that we often hear in the west. Many famous boxers like Mike Tyson have uttered those same words.

But how about learning to Box in a warzone in Syria………..

Growing up as a child and witnessing unimaginable things which have lead to deep trauma all the while still loving in an active warzone.

Sadly suicide in children and teenagers in Syria is on the rise and this is why this project is so important.

This project is in the midst of 17 refugee camps, some of the most poorest and most destitute in the whole of Northern Syria.

Bouncer’s Gaza Gym Syria Fundraiser

by iqra | إقرأ

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The goal of this Center Is to provide psychological support as well as well as teaching martial arts and providing children from the camps with life skills that can give them a better future.

The gym currently teaches four different disciplines which are wrestling, taekwondo karate and judo. Now that we have received brand new boxing gloves from Wicked N Bad we would also like to add boxing to the roster.

Bouncer and the wicked and bad team’s support will be vital in ensuring that this gym can continue to run for the whole of the upcoming year.


Please donate and be a part of this amazing project which is helping to save lives daily.



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