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The project aims to purchase and slaughter sacrificed animals, cut the meat into small portions, and distribute it to people in need in disaster-affected and besieged locations.

Special considerations:

Selection of animals and slaughtering according to Islamic Sharia

Ensuring ventilation and cooling of meat after packaging

Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene measures in throughout the whole process

Maintaining using ice or refrigerated vehicles for distribution.

Cutting the meat into small portions to cover a larger number of families (about 2 kg per family).


Families of widows and orphans.

Displaced persons and camp residents

Families of older people and people with disability.

Families with no source of income and no breadwinner

Pregnant and breastfeeding women and Children with malnutrition

Type of Sacrificial Animals:

Sheep: One sheep (average weight around 50 kg) can be sacrificed on behalf of one person (and his household).

All animals are selected so as to meet all Sharia measures and avoid any defects in the selected animals.

Cost of Sacrificial Animals: 295$

Sacrificing Time:

After Eid al-Adha prayer until the last day of Eid.

Project Duration:

4 days (throughout the blessed days of Eid al-Adha).

Start Date: 10th of Dhu al-Hijjah 1445

End Date: 13th of Dhu al-Hijjah 1445


Eid Al-Adha Sacrifice in Syria

by Social Development International (SDI) Tags : Aleppo, Displaced persons, Eid Al-Adha Sacrifice, Idleb, orphans, Qurban, Syria

  • $130,000.00

    Funding Goal
  • $50.00

    Funds Raised
  • 24

    Days to go
  • Target Date

    Campaign End Method
Raised Percent :
Minimum amount is $25 Maximum amount is $1000
Syria, Syria

An annual project organized by Social Development International (SDI) to assist Muslims in fulfilling one of the most important Islamic rituals and serving one of the greatest purposes of Shari’a by collecting the sacrifice donations, and then working on purchasing, slaughtering, propositioning, and distributing sacrifices to the households in need. All steps will be conducted according to the rules of Islamic Sharia.

Name Donate Amount Date
Jawad Shuvo $50.00 May 15, 2024