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Your donation will help provide aid for the most vulnerable in Yemen.

Empower Yemen

by pure hands waqf

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Yemen, Yemen

The numbers are frightening. 40% of households in Yemen have lost their primary source of income, while staple food prices such as flour, rice, and vegetable oil have increased by over 100%.

At least 400,000 Yemeni children under 5 could die of starvation this year – UN agencies

With your support, we want to BRING HOPE and uplift those facing dire times this RAMADAN.

We are investing our resources and your generous support into all fronts amidst the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Here are FOUR easy ways we can make the difference together:


Over 5 million people in Yemen are on the brink of famine as the conflict and economic decline have left families struggling to find enough food. This Ramadan, you can be the difference. Ramadan Food Baskets are specially equipped for the month of fasting, with nutritious foods for the whole family.


Human life depends on water, yet two-thirds of Yemen’s population has no access to clean drinking water. This has led to the spread of diseases like COVID-19, cholera, and diphtheria.


Less than 5% of a total of 1.2 million orphans in Yemen have been sponsored, leaving 95% completely vulnerable. Show your love for the vulnerable and forgotten children in Yemen.


Millions of Yemeni children have never been able to taste the joy of Eid. Make this Eid the best one yet for a child who has never experienced true festivities. Give the gift of happiness this Eid.


For the past 10 years, Pure Hands has specialized in delivering humanitarian aid to Yemen. Our programs focus on alleviating poverty, providing economic opportunities, and delivering emergency relief. We dream of a Yemen where communities are empowered, and every individual has access to basic human needs.

All work we do is through supporters like YOU who share their blessings to uplift the underprivileged.

To learn more, please visit us at




Share Hope with Yemen Channel by providing Iftar meals for a Family.

30 backers


Eid gifts Make this Eid the best one yet for a child who has never experienced true festivities. Give the gift of happiness this Eid.

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Drinking Water for a Family Provide the essential gift of clean drinking water to a family for a month, a charity beloved in the sight of Allah.

20 backers


Orphan Sponsorship One Month Support an orphan in Yemen for a month, covering their basic needs and education to offer a brighter future.

14 backers


Food Basket Deliver essential nutrition to a family in Yemen with a food basket containing vital staples, ensuring they have enough to eat.

13 backers


Orphan Sponsorship One Year Make a long-lasting impact by sponsoring an orphan for a year, providing them with education, healthcare, and the chance to break free from the cycle of poverty.

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Dedicate a Portion of my Zakat Utilize the power of your Zakat to bring significant change to Yemen, the heart of the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

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