Food Baskets Camapign



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WAIT! Before You Go

Jazak Allahu khairan for your donation, your contribution changes lives every time!

Now, why Not INCREASE your reward even more?

As Ramadan approaches, HCF intends to launch a dedicated campaign to provide poor families with special needs, orphans, and widows with monthly food baskets.

Each food basket costs $54, including all needed logistic costs, and feeds one whole family for a month. Each basket contains:

● Read Wheat Flour (25 Kg)

● Sunflower Oil (2 liters)

● Red Beans (12 packs)

● Broad Beans (12 packs)

● Dates (1 pack)

Photos from our earlier food basket campaign.

One small donation of $54 from you can make a huge difference for the people of Yemen.

Ramadan is the month of giving and sharing.

Please kindly consider donating 1 Food Basket now.

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