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Under Siege – Gaza is the world’s largest open-air prison with a population of over 2 million who live on just 365 square kilometres of land.

“This is one of the most densely populated places on Earth”

Since the 7th of October there has been a complete blockade on any supplies entering the area, this includes food and water (the basic necessities needed to survive).  The electricity has been cut off and the internet comes and goes.

Are we really living in the 21st Century??

We will provide food, shelter and medical supplies to help the people cope with this crisis. Collectively together with our duas we must act and do what we can, NOW IS THE TIME!!

There may not be a tomorrow for them.

GAZA Emergency Appeal

by iqra | إقرأ

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Gaza, Palestinian Territory

iqra | إقرأ

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Stand with Humanity, Stand with Justice

The whole world is aware of what is unfolding in Palestine.

The situation is apocalyptic and worsening by the day.  Widespread death and destruction, but yet the Palestinians remain steadfast and committed to their cause.

We must act now and step up to our obligation of supporting them in their most intense time of need.

They are looking at us as their global family for support.

We are working with partners on the ground who with limited resources are still able to provide food and medical supplies alhumdulliah.


Due to the fluid and deteriorating situation on the ground, certain items are becoming less available, for this reason, our teams have to prioritise and use their discretion for distribution where they see fit.  We pray in the coming days that borders are opened and aid starts flowing in so people can be helped.



Help NOW! Now is the time for action

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Blankets for a family of 5

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Medical Aid - So many are seriously injured, and supplies are short

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