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They need our help, we need their duas!

“Sadaqah(Charity) does not decrease wealth” Hadith Muslim

How can that be?

Clearly by giving money from your wealth it is decreasing your overall wealth.

When we donate to help others with a sincere intention there are many benefits that with the permission of Allah SWT we will see in this life and if not ultimately in the Hereafter.  Allah SWT is Al-Kareem(The Generous) and his rewards his servants abundantly.

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IQRA Charity has been on the ground in crisis zones for the past 11 years.

Your donations go directly to help the ‘Most Needy’


What Makes us different?

We are the only western Muslim Aid Organisation that has stood with our Syrian brothers and sisters for the past 11 years.  We live in Shaam and our offices and projects are run by us in this blessed land.  Unlike others who use 3rd parties to implement projects.

How do we help?

We offer emergency relief to the residents of the many refugee camps here.

But not just that, we also come across many unique cases that have been neglected and require urgent attention.  We take them in under our care and provide the necessary treatment.

The situation is dire, so many people to help and so less resources but we must do what we can.

With your help we can a little at a time bring comfort to others.



10 Meals for a family

September, 2023

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MOST NEEDY - Give help to the most urgent cases

September, 2023

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Food supplies for a family for a month

September, 2023

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Monthly ORPHAN Sponsorship

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Syria WINTER Help!!

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