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Our brother Saif is from Egypt and we met him a few months ago. He was sitting on a bench in Fatih Cami area. We first interacted with him while filming short reels called “Fist Bump”.

We were surprised by his reaction and so we sat with him and got to know him more. He told us his story and we decided to help him and do our best to change his life for the best insha’Allah.

Help Brother Saif

by iqra | إقرأ

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Istanbul, Turkey

iqra | إقرأ

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DIY LifeChangers Ready To Help!

We met Saif back in August he is an elderly Egyptian with a bubbly character, currently homeless and living on the streets of Istanbul and to make things worse he has nerve issues and long-term back pain. Back then the weather was warm but now winter is here and he is really suffering.

Saif has gone through 9 different surgeries so far and has been diagnosed with Ataxic Limb Disease. He had surgery in Germany in 2006 and recently back in December 2022 in Cairo, Egypt.

He was advised to travel to Türkiye to continue his medical journey. And that’s exactly what he did as his family helped him with the journey costs to come to Istanbul trying to find the right treatment for his back pain and nerves.


Our IQRA Team – DIY LifeChangers with Sister Lauren Both are ready to help him and reverse his disability but we need your help.

Join us today to raise just $3000 to make this dream come true insha’Allah.

Cover his medical costs and pay for his rent while he’s recovering as we want to get him off the streets.

Once his operation has been carried out and he has the chance to recover, we will pay for his flight to go back to Egypt and reunite him with his family insha’Allah.



Help Saif

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