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How Can Any Family Thrive Like This

Sister Sevda is a mother of 6 beautiful children. She is also raising them on her own in extreme poverty.

Along with daily worries about having enough food and clothing, their home environment is making her and the children unwell, physically and psychologically.

DIY LifeChangers Ready To Help!

This is the single room dwelling where all 7 in this family, eat, do homework, pray and sleep.

Mice – urinate over the food and crawl on the children as they sleep on the floor. Water is leaking from the broken roof making everything damp. And our dear sister tries to cook in a run down kitchen.



Our IQRA Team – DIY LifeChangers are ready to go in with a professional building team and completely renovate this awful space into a real home for this family but we need your help.

Join with us today to raise just 3000 GBP and we will provide the surprise of a lifetime to Sedva and these children in need, including:

  • Complete home renovation,
  • Painting the whole house,
  • New doors and windows (to stop mice getting in),
  • Replace flooring so the ground is not cold in the winter,
  • Buy new furniture and beds,
  • Buy a tumble dryer

Together as a community we can reach our target insha’Allah.

Help Sevda

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There are many families that fall through the social safety net and end up living in below standard conditions that we would never accept for ourselves.

We are supposed to be there to look out for each other, empathise and feel each other’s pain and sorrows.

That’s exactly what we want to do by activating the local community to help those less fortunate.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference in someone’s life and give them a better and healthier outlook in life.

With your generous donations we will revamp Sister Sevda’s house and give her and her children a better environment to live in.



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