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Life-Saving Drops– The gift that keeps on giving

In a  world where so much water is wasted on a daily basis, where taps are left running, clean water is thrown away without a thought, there are those who have no water.

Picture a world where  every step towards finding clean water is a struggle.    


1 in 3 people around the world lack access to safe drinking water. This is a humanitarian crisis that affects every aspect of life.

In Pakistan alone, 38.5 million people lack access to clean and secure drinking water, forcing families to rely on contaminated water sources.

The HIWT Water for Life campaign is dedicated to providing clean water to communities in need. 

Through the construction and rehabilitation of water supply schemes, we bring hope and sustenance to families who desperately need it.

With the generosity of our donors, HIWT so far has installed 750  Water hand pumps  in different areas of Sindh to serve the community in a better way of having Clean and Safe Water.

There is an urgent requirement to provide more new water pumps and water wells as soon as possible and to repair many of the water pumps and water wells that have already been installed.

Imagine a world where 60,000 families have access to clean and safe water at their fingertips because of YOU.

 That’s exactly what can be achieved by installing 2000 hand pumps. 

Each hand pump can benefit 30 families, giving them a brighter future filled with better health and increased opportunities. 

Let’s come together to make this vision a reality.

When you support our program, you are not just providing water.

 You are giving families the gift of health, the opportunity for education, and the chance to build a better future.

Mothers and daughters no longer need to walk for miles, sacrificing their health and energy just for a drop of hope. 

                   Your impact is far greater than you can imagine.

          Join us in our mission to bring clean water to every family. 

                    Together, we can make clean water a reality.”

Prophet  Muhammad (pbuh) said: “Whoever digs a well will receive rewards from Allah on the day of judgment when anyone from amongst the jinn, men and birds drink from it.” (Bukhari and Muslim)




Gift a small water pump to the people and enrich them with the gift of water.

You're Amazing!
Your donation will directly IMPACT and SAVE the lives of people in Pakistan.

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Gift a large water pump and enrich them with a previous gift of water.

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Your donation will directly IMPACT and SAVE the lives of people in Pakistan.

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Gift a solar pump and enrich them with a precious gift of water.

You're wonderful!
Your donation will directly IMPACT and SAVE the lives of people in Pakistan.

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