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A Night for Gaza

Following on from our successful event held for Gaza we have setup this page for donations pledged.

As we heard from the many speakers who attended this is a case that affects us all as one united body and Ummah.  The humanitarian suffering of the people of Gaza is our suffering and we should respond by supporting them as best we can.

Our teams on the ground will prioritise the urgent need based on their assessment and deliver the following insha’Allah

  • Food Supplies,
  • Medical Aid,
  • Blankets
  • Financial help

Humairaa & Mikaeel’s Gaza Appeal

by iqra | إقرأ

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iqra | إقرأ

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How can we forget the images coming out from Gaza.  These people are surely being tested and are standing firm despite their loses and trial.

Over 30,000 of our brothers and sisters have been killed since October 7th 2023! Mothers, fathers, innocent children – whole households have been wiped out during this genocide!!

Like myself I am sure that many of you have cried at the images that social media has enlightened us with….images which main stream media channels have decided to be blind to! As Ramadan approaches I can’t help but think about the starvation and famine that our brothers and sisters are facing everyday…..they do not get the privilege of knowing when they will get food or water.

I pledge to raise £5000 to provide to our Palestinian brothers and sisters. In June I will be trekking up Ben Nevis to raise money for this humbling cause. Please support me and let’s all do our bit, no amount is too little!!

The donations are zakat eligible, thank you for your support and generosity in advance- may Allah guide me to reach/exceed this target – ameen xx



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Anonymous $14.00 April 09, 2024
Anonymous $631.21 April 07, 2024
Anonymous $380.00 April 06, 2024
Naveed Majid $65.00 April 06, 2024
Maariya Naveed $20.00 April 06, 2024
Afraa Fazil $25.00 April 06, 2024
Hanifah Fazil $130.00 April 05, 2024
Yasmina Delishaj $50.00 April 05, 2024
Anonymous $65.00 April 05, 2024
Anonymous $65.00 April 05, 2024
Anonymous $50.00 April 02, 2024
Jetmira Delishaj $100.00 April 02, 2024
Anonymous $65.00 March 23, 2024
Anonymous $25.00 March 22, 2024
A S Fazil $100.00 March 22, 2024
Rebecca Alnoor $20.00 March 19, 2024
Humairaa Fazil $65.00 March 19, 2024
Humairaa Fazil $130.00 March 19, 2024