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Their fasting is never-ending; help them break it at least during this month

Iftar Feast: Serving 1000 Gazan with $1200 Budget

by Hatem Alkurd Tags : #Gaza

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Gaza, Palestinian Territory

Hatem Alkurd

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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Fasting during this month is obligatory for all healthy Muslims.

This means abstaining from eating, drinking, and all immoral acts from suhoor at sunrise to iftar (sunset). During Ramadan Muslims also actively participate in other acts of worship such as prayer and giving charity.

After a long day of fasting, we look forward to gathering around the iftar spread with our families.

But what if there was no spread to gather around?

We can only imagine the lingering pain of hunger.

The people of Gaza endure this hardship daily, to the point where some are compelled to tie stones to their stomachs to alleviate the constant hunger pangs.

Gaza in Crisis – Over Half a Million Lives Hang in the Balance

Gaza is currently facing the most severe hunger crisis in the world – a crisis entirely created by human actions, stemming from Israel’s ongoing assaults and blockade of the territory, leading to the starvation of civilians. Over 500,000 individuals, accounting for a quarter of the total population, are currently facing an alarming risk of mass starvation and death.

Palestine Needs You Now!

The people of Palestine require our IMMEDIATE attention. While we cannot put a stop to the atrocities and unimaginable horrors they are going through, we can help lessen the impact.

During Ramadan and at any time, you can help ease the hunger of our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

During Ramadan, Allah accounts for all our righteous deeds in an untold measure.

If Muslims all around the world donate during this blessed month, we would be able to collect trillions—enough to help the innocent lives enduring hardships in Palestine.


The Messenger of Allah said,
“Whoever provides Iftār for a fasting person in it (Ramadān), then that shall be forgiveness for his (the feeder’s) [minor] sins and freedom from the fire. And for such a feeder shall be the same reward as the one who fasted (whom he fed) without that person’s reward being decreased in the least.” [Ibn Khazaimah]

About Al-Noman Foundation

We’re Setting Out To Make A Better World.

Al-Noman Foundation Strives To Give The Less Fortunate An Opportunity To Reach Their Potential And the Best Way To Assist Them Is By Providing Water wells, Food, Education, and Places of worship.

Al-Noman Foundation is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 87-1274971.