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Ramadan Aid: Nourish the Fasting, Assist Displaced Families in Gaza

Iftar for Gaza: Providing Meals for Displaced Families during Ramadan

by MIDMAR Organization

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Gaza, Palestinian Territory

Unite with Us: Illuminate Lives through Iftar Meals in Gaza!

In this Ramadan, we are on a mission to deliver 1,000 Iftar meals to fasting displaced families in Gaza, bringing hope and nourishment to illuminate their lives. Your support in the face of ongoing challenges can provide solace and sustenance to those in dire need. Let’s come together to achieve our goal, transforming despair into moments of peace and community.

This campaign is ZAKAT ELIGIBLE. By donating to this campaign you will be fulfilling your Zakat obligations Insha Allah.

Critical Situation in Gaza!

Gaza’s displaced families grapple with enduring hardship, as essentials such as food and shelter become increasingly elusive. The sacred month of Ramadan introduces additional challenges, as the displaced strive to reclaim a sense of normalcy and dignity during their iftar gatherings. Your assistance has the power to illuminate these challenging times with generosity and compassion.

Empower Ramadan: Sustaining Hope Through Generosity!

For a mere $20, you can supply an entire family with an iftar meal, providing not only sustenance but also a moment of joy and gratitude. Our campaign is committed to ensuring that no family goes without the warmth of a shared meal during this sacred month. With your backing, we aspire to distribute 1,000 iftar meals, creating a beacon of hope in their lives.

The Transformative Power of Your Contribution!

Your generosity extends beyond providing a meal; it encapsulates the essence of Sadaqah and Zakat, fundamental pillars of Islam, particularly emphasized during Ramadan. Each donation not only nourishes a family but also strengthens the tapestry of community support, reassuring those facing hardship that they are not alone. The significance of your contribution is profound, delivering both immediate relief and spiritual solidarity.

During this period of reflection and generosity, your donation serves as a lifeline for families in Gaza. Let’s embody the true essence of Ramadan by reaching out with charity and compassion. Your support has the power to transform lives, one iftar meal at a time.

Why wait? DONATE NOW and make a difference!



Contribute to Iftar meals for three displaced families in Gaza, providing crucial sustenance.

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Support the provision of Iftar meals for six displaced families in Gaza, fostering community connection.

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Help bring Iftar meals to twelve displaced families in Gaza, spreading comfort and support.

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Make a significant impact by ensuring Iftar meals for twenty-four displaced families in Gaza, promoting unity.

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Your generous support ensures nourishing Iftar meals for forty-eight displaced families in Gaza, fostering solidarity.

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Leave a lasting legacy by supplying Iftar meals to ninety-six displaced families in Gaza, bringing hope and sustenance.

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Make a profound impact by providing Iftar meals to one thousand displaced families in Gaza, embodying the spirit of compassion and support.

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