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Support our campaign to build ‘Dar Al-Salamah’ a purpose built care home in the middle of ‘The Super Village’.

The elderly, disabled and psychologically affected will be housed and given 24 hour care and assistance so they spend their remaining lives in comfort.

There is no project like this in these areas and is desperately needed.

Khadija’s Care Home Appeal

by iqra | إقرأ

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Looking after the most vulnerable & forgotten

All praise be to Allah SWT who has chosen me to take part in this much needed project this Ramadan.

As a result of the ongoing crisis in Bilaad Ashaam there are many who are affected psychologically, lost their families, loved ones and have become homeless without any carers.

We have a duty to take care of the most neglected in society and this is what we aim to do insha’Allah!

Dar Al-Salamah was setup in 2013 by a group of volunteers and had only 10 beds in a tent in the middle of a refugee camp.  However the number of cases that were being discovered called for expansion.

Nursing Homes provide supervision and around the clock medical support for those unable to live alone and cannot remain permanently in hospitals.

Dar Al-Salamah will be purpose built within a Community Village complex that we have named ‘The Super Village’ and provide better living for the elderly and disabled who have no family or their families cannot take care of them.  The Super Village has schools, green spaces and housing for widows, orphans and families.

The care centre will include a females section especially for elderly females, they are our mothers and deserve the best care befitting of their status.  The facilities will be tailored to their requirements with personal quarters and communal areas for socialising.  There will be all female staff attending to the females section.

This really is a unique project that carries so much reward by caring for the most vulnerable members of society.

Donate generously and know that your reward is with Allah SWT



Bricks & Cement
10 bricks and 1 bag of cement

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Gardens & Recreation area
Beautiful green areas and places to relax and socialise

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Womens Floor
Contribute towards the Female floor where our sweet mothers will be looked after

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