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Let’s Adopt Trees in Indonesia

Let’s Adopt Trees in Indonesia

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Bandung, Indonesia


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Global warming has become a hot issue worldwide, with many regions experiencing drought, including several areas in Indonesia.

Water scarcity has led some areas in Indonesia to utilize banana tree trunks to extract sap for drinking. Besides the prevalence of drought, pollution is a problem in Indonesia.

The lack of green spaces and extensive deforestation contribute to numerous natural disasters in the country.

To address these issues, Filantra invites you to donate to the tree adoption program in several regions of Indonesia: West Java and East Nusa Tenggara. Filantra has planted trees in various disaster-prone areas such as Sukabumi, Lembang, and Jakarta.

The Tree Adoption Program offers significant benefits to its recipients. They can receive funding support for forest patrol and community empowerment.


Let’s adopt trees in Indonesia and provide clean air to the country.