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Have a Qurbani/Udhiyah(Sacrifice) to make be it for an Aqiqah, Walima, Sadaqah or any other reason why not feed the needy people of Shaam?

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Feed the Needy!

Aqiqah, Walima, Sadaqah

Make your celebration become someone elses too!

Eating meat has become a luxury for most displaced refugees in Shaam.  Many are struggling to make ends meet financially and feed their families.  Let your Qurbani/Sacrifice bring some pleasure to those less fortunate.

Give more and increase the smiles 🙂

For an additional cost we will prepare and cook the meat from your Qurbani and serve it as a hot meal to the needy residents of the refugee camps.

Each meal consists of rice, meat and yoghurt.

​We also make sure that the highest standards of cleanliness are followed.

Donate generously and know that your reward is with Allah SWT



Most Needy - While you are here, help us with our various projects in the Blessed land of Shaam helping the Most Needy

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VENUE ADD ON - Swimming pool, funpark or restaurant

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QURBANI/UDHIYA 1 SHEEP / AQIQA *GIRL* / SADAQAQAH- We will sacrifice a healthy sheep and distribute the meat to the needy

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SIMPLE PARTY - 1 Sheep cooked & served with enterntainment & Cake

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AQIQA **Boy**
2 Sheep cooked & served, Entertainment & Cake

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1 Sheep cooked & served, Entertainment & Cake PLUS gifts for the children

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2 Sheep cooked & served, Entertainment & Cake PLUS gifts for the children

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