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We’re dedicated to providing clean water to internally displaced families in Syrian camps. Support us for a lasting impact and a brighter future. Join our mission!

Provide Clean Water to Syrian Camps

by kevser

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The issue:

In the refugee camps of Northern Syria, thousands of families are grappling with the challenge of meeting their daily water needs. Due to limited water supplies, they frequently find themselves faced with the difficult choice between quenching their thirst or addressing their personal hygiene. The situation calls for urgent attention and support to alleviate the hardships these families endure.

What is KEVSER doing about it? 

The KEVSER is currently on a mission to dig water wells in refugee camps in Northern Syria. Our goal is to secure clean water access to the driest areas where thousands of refugees reside. By providing sustainable water sources, we aim to eliminate the need for waiting on water trucks or relying on expensive private suppliers. Once these wells are completed, the residents can fully depend on the water supplied by us, ensuring a reliable and constant source to meet their daily water demands.

Will you join us in helping these communities overcome this critical issue?

Your support can make a world of difference for them.

No one deserves to live in a state of constant need. Together, we can create permanent and long-term solutions for this problem instead of addressing it temporarily. Your contribution can bring lasting change and provide these families with the essential resource of clean water.


Join us in making a difference and share in the reward of:

💧 Supplying every bottle of water

🧒 Ensuring every poor soul survives thirst

🧼 Protecting them from hygiene problems

😊 Cultivating a sense of relief as they know their basic necessities are met by righteous people like you

It was narrated from Sa’d bin ‘Ubadah that his mother died. He said: “O Messenger of Allah, my mother has died; can I give charity on her behalf?” He said: “Yes.” He said: “What kind of charity is best?” He said: “Providing drinking water.”

Also, building a well is Sadaqah Jariyah funding. Insha’Allah every penny you will contribute will be like planting a seed for a blessed tree that doesn’t stop on giving back.

Creating the best legacy for your beloved ones is also possible through your support in funding the construction of a well. Donate now to help us achieve this noble goal. Give today and ensure your rewards are limitless!

Seize this opportunity to receive rewards for years to come! Your support makes a lasting impact.



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