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Share the Blessings of Ramadan: Join Our Mission to Provide Iftar Meals to Syrian Refugees and Orphans

Provide Iftar Meals for Syrian Refugees and Orphans This Ramadan

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Transform Lives in Ramadan: Provide Meals for 500 Families & Orphans!

During this sacred month of Ramadan, when the generosity and compassion flourish, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to participate in our noble cause at Qurban. Our mission is centered on bringing comfort and nourishment to those in dire need. Our current campaign is dedicated to delivering 500 Iftar meals to Syrian families in northwest Syria and organizing group Iftars for orphans.

A modest contribution of $15 can make a significant impact by providing a complete Iftar meal for a family. For those looking to make a greater difference, a donation of $1500 will support a group Iftar for 250 orphans. In this way, you can truly embody the spirit of Ramadan through the acts of Sadaqah and Zakat.

Your support can illuminate the lives of those less fortunate, making this Ramadan a time of shared blessings and communal care. Join us in spreading the essence of Ramadan by contributing to our mission at Qurban. Together, let’s make a meaningful difference in the lives of Syrian families and orphans.

The Plight of Displaced Families and Orphans!

As the Syrian crisis persists, countless families and children are caught in the crossfire of adversity, living in precarious conditions without the basic necessities of life. The holy month of Ramadan, although a time of spiritual reflection and community, also highlights the stark disparities faced by Syrian families and orphans, struggling to find a semblance of normalcy and comfort.

Our Ramadan Mission: Nourishing Hope and Hearts!

This Ramadan, Qurban is committed to combating hunger and despair. Our campaign aims to provide iftar hot meals for 500 Syrian families and host group Iftars for orphans in northwest Syria. More than just nourishment, these meals bring a moment of peace, a touch of normalcy, and a celebration of community to those who have endured unimaginable hardships. Join us in turning the tide and making a meaningful impact this Ramadan.

Why Your Support Matters!

Your contribution serves as a beacon of hope for those overshadowed by conflict and displacement. Whether through Zakat or Sadaqah, each donation is a vital step in alleviating hunger, bringing joy, and strengthening the communal spirit of Ramadan. Your generosity goes beyond providing a meal; it symbolizes solidarity, love, and compassion for those desperately in need of our collective kindness. Join us in making a lasting impact this Ramadan.

Join Hands with Qurban: A Call to Action!

In the embrace of Ramadan’s spirit, let’s recall the teachings of empathy, generosity, and brotherhood. Your support doesn’t just empower individuals; it uplifts entire communities, providing a lifeline in their most challenging moments. Together, we can illuminate thousands of lives with meals that warm both bodies and hearts. This Ramadan, let your Sadaqah and Zakat be the catalyst for smiles, love for a child, and blessings for a family. Act now and be the reason for joy and hope.

Don’t hesitate—take action! DONATE NOW and be a force for positive change. Your contribution makes a real difference in the lives of those in need. Join us in making a lasting impact today!



Nourish Hope Support 3 Syrian families with warm Iftar meals, bringing them joy and comfort

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Sustain Bonds Provide Iftar for 6 Syrian families, fostering connections and sharing blessings

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Share Generosity Feed 12 Syrian families, spreading generosity and communal harmony

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Double the Blessings Offer Iftar to 24 families, doubling the impact and spreading twice the love

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Embrace Community Ensure 48 families receive nourishing iftar meals, embracing them with your care

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Orphans' Feast Host a Group Iftar for 250 orphans, filling their hearts and plates with hope

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Extend Compassion Offer Iftar to 96 families, extending a hand of compassion and solidarity

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