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Empathy in Action: Providing Iftar Meals and Food Support for Orphans and Syrian Refugees during Ramadan

Ramadan Relief: Iftar Feasts and Food Blessings for Orphans and Syrian Refugees

by elvefa association for relief and development

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Turkey border and in North Syria, Syria

This Ramadan, immerse yourself in the spirit of generosity by participating in our campaign. We aim to provide a daily iftar meal for 500 Syrian refugee orphans and displaced families in need, along with distributing 1,000 food baskets to those facing hardships in the camps along the Turkey border and in North Syria. The cost of each iftar meal is $5, and each food basket is priced at just $50, offering a lifeline during this sacred month. Your support holds the transformative power to change despair into hope and hunger into nourishment. Join us in making a meaningful impact.

Zakat-Eligible Campaign: Fulfill Your Zakat Obligations by Donating to Ensure Hope and Nourishment. Insha Allah, your contribution will make a significant impact.

The Refugees’ Struggle: Syrian Families in Crisis

Numerous Syrian families, grappling with the aftermath of conflict and natural disasters, are in desperate circumstances. Bereft of homes and stability, they confront the harsh reality of inadequate food, adversely affecting their health and hindering the rebuilding of their lives.

Our Mission in Action!

Elvefa Association for Relief and Development is actively on the ground, poised to distribute iftar meals and vital food baskets containing nutritious essentials, capable of sustaining a family for an entire month. The contents of the food basket include rice, bulgur, sugar, lentils, canned goods, oil, salt, dates, beans, pasta, cheese, and jam.

Empower Lives with Your Sadaqah and Zakat!

This Ramadan, your generosity holds the power to bring about transformative change. Whether through your Sadaqah or fulfilling your Zakat, your donation goes beyond providing food – it nurtures the future of orphans and alleviates the burdens of families in despair. Your contribution signifies solidarity and compassion, embodying the true spirit of Ramadan charity.

Answer the Call to Action!

As we ready ourselves for a month of fasting and reflection, let’s also gear up to create a profound impact in the lives of those who need it most. Your donation, regardless of size, can guarantee that no family goes hungry, and every orphan finds solace and support.

Why wait? DONATE NOW and make a meaningful impact!



Bronze Sadaqah Supporter Provides daily iftar meals for 5 individuals in North Syria as a gesture of Sadaqah.

38 backers


Silver Ramadan Benefactor Supports the provision of iftar meals for 10 individuals in North Syria or contributes to the food basket program, embodying the spirit of Ramadan.

33 backers


Gold Zakat Advocate Sponsors a complete food basket for a family in North Syria, fulfilling your Zakat obligation and ensuring sustained support in the month of Ramadan.

21 backers


Platinum Mercy Patron Empowers both iftar meals and food baskets, reflecting the mercy and compassion emphasized in Islam, helping multiple families in North Syria during their time of need.

5 backers


Diamond Ramadan Ambassador Provides substantial support for iftar meals and contributes significantly to broader community relief efforts in North Syria, embodying the generous spirit of Ramadan.

2 backers


Elite Pillar of Ramadan: Demonstrates a profound commitment by supporting numerous iftar meals and multiple food baskets, offering hope to many Muslim families in North Syria during the blessed month of Ramadan.

1 backers