The Air More Uptempo Releasing With Silver Metallic

The Air More Uptempo Releasing With Silver Metallic

Although 2020 is one unfortunate event after another, New Drop Jordans has not completely lost a silver lining. As far as sports shoe culture is concerned, we have seen many exciting returns-among them, Air More Uptempo has gained a firm foothold. Here, this silhouette returns again, this time adding silver metal details and attractive adult size. At first glance, these shoes are reminiscent of OG, almost exactly the same color. Black is used extensively on leather and mesh, as well as midsoles, buckles and shoe laces. Then apply silver metal elements on the top, not only outlines the bubble letters on both sides, but also includes the embroidered Swoosh of the toes, the mirror panel on the tongue, and the jewelry decoration on the heel. In addition, the packaging is also equipped with matching pendants, and its rainbow-like branding echoes the insole's own weird words.

Many people usually take jewelry as simple Valentine's Day gifts, but besides heart-shaped amulets and necklaces, there are many other gifts. 2021Shoes even prepared its own commemorative products, one of which is the StrangeLove Dunks cooperating with Nike, whose price is still above four digits. Here, the brand tried to reproduce this magic through its own Dunk Low, adding some feminine elements to the clothing. Undoubtedly, the most prominent detail is the hem of Swoosh, whose sheer tulle color perfectly matches the suede logo. Although the leather covering, laces and soles are all treated in the same "pink Prime" hue, they read brighter due to their smooth, somewhat reflective surface. At the bottom, the bottom looks more natural, and its "team red" weave gives a feeling similar to denim.

Although it is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, Nike Airways Warrage has received very few gifts. However, as the year ended, we gradually saw more and more color schemes, including the recently launched "madder root". As its SP mark implies, this pair seems Skechers Outlets  to propose higher quality material. Throughout the jacket, thick suede is spread in light brown, complemented by dark "khaki" and brown, to create the bottom with a fabric that looks like a synthetic fiber. "Burgundy Crush" follows the heel block and tongue label, both of which serve as the background of the "madder root" brand. At the forefront of the brand’s modern lifestyle footwear products, FILA Renno has a large number of co-branded hits; the frills hung on the lace neckline and the embroidered tongue-shaped logo all have the KROST label, the heel and the back of the tongue. The slogan of the brand "support your friends" is all on it. The external stitching covers the toes and heels, and the thorn-stone style aesthetic is realized through color combination and embroidery. The thick midsole, which contains FILA Power Up® cushioning, is kept in a soothing white, matching lace, recycled inner layer, and recycled leather covering logo hits.

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