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A Father’s Urgent Plea: Rescue Elias, Hazem, and Mohamed from Gaza

Rescue Elias, Hazem, and Mohamed from Gaza


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Gaza, Palestinian Territory


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Dear compassionate souls,
As a father, my heart aches with the distance that separates me from my beloved children—Elias, Hazem, and Mohamed. Though I am miles away from the chaos of Gaza, the echoes of their suffering reverberate through every fiber of my being.
Mohamed, my eldest, with dreams of being a soccer player, Hazem, the artist, finding solace in his sketches; and Elias, the youngest, whose innocence should be untouched by fear—all of them caught in a nightmare they did not choose.
Every night, I close my eyes and imagine their faces, etched with worry and weariness far beyond their years. I long to hold them close, to soothe their fears, to provide the safety and security they deserve. But as the war rages on, my arms remain empty, and my words of comfort ring hollow from afar.
I can only imagine the hunger gnawing at their bellies, the fear gripping their hearts, and the longing for a normal childhood that seems increasingly out of reach. As their father, it pains me beyond measure to know that I cannot ease their suffering, to shield them from the horrors of war.
That’s why I turn to you, dear friends, with a plea from the depths of a father’s heart. Your compassion, your generosity, can bridge the gap between my children’s anguish and the safety they so desperately crave. Your donation, no matter how small, can offer them a glimmer of hope in their darkest hour—a chance to escape the violence and rebuild their lives in peace.
The funds raised will be used to provide life necessities—food, shelter, and medical care—for Elias, Hazem, and Mohamed, as they await evacuation to Egypt. Once in Egypt, the money will support their resettlement and help them build a new life free from the scars of war.
Though I may be physically distant, my love for Elias, Hazem, and Mohamed knows no bounds. Together, let us bring them closer to the safety and security they deserve.
With heartfelt gratitude,
Tareq Alkurd