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Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said; “whoever guides to good, then for him is the same reward as the one who does it”

Sponser Quran student

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Sponsor Quran student

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said ‘The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it.’

Investing in the education of Quran students is a noble endeavor that yields multifaceted rewards.
It ensures the continuation of Islamic scholarship, fostering a new generation of scholars, teachers, and leaders who will guide their communities with wisdom and compassion.
By providing financial support to these students, you are enabling them to devote themselves fully to the study of the Quran and its teachings, free from the burdens of financial constraint.

Moreover, sponsoring a Quran student is an act of Sadaqah Jariyah, or ongoing charity, which continues to benefit the sponsor long after they have departed this world.
The knowledge imparted to these students will ripple outwards, touching the lives of countless individuals and communities for generations to come.
Each time a student recites the Quran, teaches its verses, or acts upon its guidance, the sponsor shares in the blessings of their actions.



General Sadaqa

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Sponsor a student for a month of Quran Class. Jazakumullah Khair and May Allah reward you for every single aya they recite.

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Sponsor 3 students' monthly tuition.Jazakumullah Khair and May Allah reward you for every single aya they recite.

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Sponsor a student for a year Your donation will help sponsor a student whose parent can’t afford tuition to learn the Quran. Jazakallahu khair and May Allah make this a means of jannah for you and your loved ones. Ameen

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