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Sponsor an Orphan

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Our Story

Your sponsorship makes their life happy                                  

Would you like to be the Prophet companion in the Paradise ?

Would you like to gain lots of reward by simple work?

Would you like Allah bless your money and your kids?

 If you want this, Be for the orphan as his father , smile for him/ her

Draw a smile of his face

Messenger of Allah () said,

 “I will be like this in Jannah with the person who takes care of an orphan”. Messenger of Allah () raised his forefinger and middle finger by way of illustration.

Al-Noman Foundation works through sponsorship to improve the situation of orphans and provide them with a safe environment in its various dimensions (educational, psychological, social, economic and health) and to enhance the role of the orphan’s mother in all fields

The amount of the sponsorship

$35 dollars a month

420 per year

Our honorable brothers: Your generous contribution will constitute a tangible change and a positive impact on the lives of these orphans who found in you a kind heart of full of good and a wall that protects them from being broken at the gates of fear, orphanage and deprivation.

Your blessed support will provide the orphans and the sponsored with the necessities of survival such as food, clothing and medicine, and will give them education to permanently get rid of the darkness of ignorance and backwardness, and help them overcome any difficulties.

Who can help these orphans … whoever helps them … who wipes their tears … who gives them a hand.

Please kindly participate with us in the project to sponsor an orphan … Sponsorship is worship and happiness



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Orphan Sponsorship for 6 months

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Orphan Sponsorship for a year

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