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2 years in the making, our dream of building a Super Village in Syria is now starting to take shape.  

No Charity has been able to implement a project as unique as this, which really is a life changer.

This Ramadan we need your help with the last push to reach the finishing line and secure the last remaining funds.

Super Village Syria

by iqra | إقرأ

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Doing what no others dare to do

The Super Village project Syria is at the forefront of reshaping Free Syria.  

After 13 years of displacement, being forced to move from place to place, overcoming all sorts of challenges and humiliation, we are on a mission to give dignity to our brothers and sisters in Syria and allow them to live their lives as they lived before the war.

Our Super Village complex is not like the hundreds and thousands of refugee camps and shoddy attempts at making communal housing.  It really will be a beacon for the community also reaching out and impacting the lives of all those who live around it and not just the residents.

It’s been a long journey and we have come a long way, alhumdullila land has been bought, agreements with official Turkish government institutions have been written up and building work has started.

The build for Masjid Yusuf which is the huge Masjid that is being built at the gates of the Super Village complex. This is one of the milestones of our journey.

The Super Village will be a mini eco system providing jobs, producing revenue, trade and education all in one place.  We refuse to be dependent on external funding and plan to be break free from these chains.  Many charity organisations have fallen into this trap by building impressive housing but not allowing the project to be self-sufficient.

Other elements of the Super Village project

Join us this Ramadan and work for a project that will continue long after we are gone.

Imagine the scale of the Sadaqah Jaariyah that will be churned our from this amazing project.

  • Leaders of the community,
  • Hufaaz of Quran,
  • Educated individuals,
  • Empowered women

A lot of thought has been put into every element of the Super Village.  Homes are designed to allow for  comfortable living and are not built quickly and cheaply.  Families will live and grow in their homes insha’Allah.


We need your help this Ramadan to raise the last amount of finances to complete this beautiful project.

The project is ongoing and different elements will be completed and funds raised for throughout the build.




Super Village Donations - £16

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Deluxe Homes Pot - £80

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Shops Project - Giving a means to earn - £80

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Shop 4 Life - Setup someone in business and allow them to decide their future - £3,250

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Donate for 1 Deluxe Home for a Syrian Family - £3,500

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