About Madinah

The word Madinah is an Arabic word that means: City. Madinah was the name given to the first city of Islam established by the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him, about 1400 years ago. At that time Muslims were very few, weak, and oppressed in the city of Makkah. Then, a few youths from the city of Madinah came to Prophet Muhammad and offered him shelter, accommodation, and protection in their small city, Madinah. In response to this offer, God ordered the prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and all the Muslims to migrate from the city of Makkah to join other Muslims at the city of Madinah. So Madinah became the first city of Islam to unite Muslims, and from there Islam spread to the world, Muslims became more powerful and more in number, and Madinah city became a powerful city that fought for the sake of the oppressed all over the world; including the Coptic Christians in Egypt and the Jews in the holy land of Jerusalem, and Muslims made peace treaties with them where they lived under the Islamic rule-ship with total freedom of belief.


Madinah also was a torch of light for humanity, where it was the center of the Islamic rule-ship, and delegations from all over the world came to visit it to learn about Islam from Prophet Muhammad.


And so, the mission of Madinah is to once again unite Muslims from all over the world and to be a community that helps to spread peace and justice all over the world, and a place where Non-Muslims can learn about and experience Islam as a way of life.


We see the world as a place of peace and happiness, not wars and remorse. This is our vision, to change the world.


Help us with this mission and vision, be a part of the Madinah initiative by inviting your family and friends and spreading the word about Madinah, and if you can support more in any other way please contact us on team@madinah.com.


Sincerely yours,

The Madinah Team