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…And Be Among the Blessed 10,000 Individuals Who Unlock Their Doors To Jannah This Eid

Ease Their Hunger Today

This Dhul Hijjah, Help Provide Nutrition to 50,000 Starving Families in Yemen…

by Fikar Organization

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What If, This Eid Al-Adha, You And Your Family Had Nothing To Eat?

Eid Al-Adha is a time for festivities and feasts for most of us—a time of joy, celebration, and getting together with loved ones. 

But what if, this year, things changed for the worse? What if, instead of celebrating joy and abundance, you had to live through a horrific reality where you had nothing to feed yourself and your family with?

Imagine this:

Silent Houses. Empty Tables. No festivities. Despair all around. 

Instead of stepping into the day with laughter and the aroma of mouth watering meals, all you smell is hunger, and all you hear is the rumbling of stomachs. 

Your children look up at you with hopeful eyes, but all you can offer them are empty plates. They ask you when there will be food for them to eat, but all you can say is…

“I don’t know. Try to go to sleep.”

What you just imagined is the reality of over 17.6 million people in Yemen today. 

Can you picture the pain and hopelessness the parents would have to endure as they look at their children suffering in the worst possible ways, yet remain helpless at the hands of the cruelty of this world?

Can you imagine what life would be like, if you had to live through this same scenario every single day for the rest of your life?

Yemen: A Nation Reduced to Skin & Bones

After more than 10 years of war and constant conflict, more than 60% of the population in Yemen has been pushed to the brink of famine, and millions more have been displaced from their homes. Today, life-threatening diseases, hunger, and poverty rule the streets of Yemen.

But what makes it even worse is that the displaced and hungry Yemenis do not stand a chance against the deteriorating state of their lives.

With the country’s economy destroyed, the currency collapsed, the lack of basic services, and the devastation of public institutions, getting jobs and rebuilding their lives is completely out of the question for the 83% of Yemen’s population that is now living in multidimensional poverty.

And just when you think their situation cannot get any worse than it already is…

It gets worse still.

Due to the collapse of the local currency of Yemen, food prices have skyrocketed further, and now the families that were previously able to afford food, are also amongst those who can no longer afford daily meals.

Today, 4 in 5 Yemenis rely on humanitarian aid for survival. But, unfortunately, the current amount of humanitarian funding in the country is not enough to suffice the entire population. Under these conditions, this is what the children of Yemen look like:

These children, the forgotten children of war and hunger, deserve happy lives and healthy bodies. But the world has subjected the country to such levels of ignorance and brutality, that an entire generation in Yemen has been reduced to merely skin and bones.

The children are so hungry that they’re eating their own hands. Those who do end up surviving hunger, are living off of things like boiled leaves. And the parents are forced to watch helplessly as their children suffer through the gnawing hunger pains every single day.

A Loaf of Bread Can Change The Reality In Yemen This Eid!

As you prepare for Dhul Hijjah and Eid Al-Adha this year, ask yourself: What have the displaced persons, poor families, orphans, and people with special needs done to deserve any of this?

Ask yourself: Does anyone in this world deserve a life like this?

And if your answer is NO, then you might just be one of the few blessed individuals who will join hands with us and help change their reality this Eid Al-Adha!

In Yemen, one loaf of bread costs as little as $0.86, and consists of 20 bread rolls. It can suffice half a family.

Although this may seem like a small amount to you, it is a HUGE amount for the people of Yemen…

That’s why we have taken the initiative of baking and distributing TWO bread loaves to a minimum of 50,000 families in Yemen this Dhul Hijjah, and we need only 10,000 people to donate as little as $10 today to achieve our goal of feeding 50,000 families this Dhul Hijjah.

Will you be among these blessed few?

Share Your Blessings With Yemen…

And Get A Chance To Beautify Your Akhirah!

For every loaf of bread that you donate to the vulnerable people in Yemen this Eid Al-Adha can help:

➡️ Save more than just one life
➡️Address the economic and living conditions in Yemen
➡️ Feed families who have lost their sole breadwinners and now struggle to arrange food.
➡️ Combat hunger and famine in Yemen
➡️ Ease the suffering of displaced persons and the poor

And the best part?

If you donate within the first 10 days, you will be rewarded for…

➡️ Saving a life
➡️ For feeding a hungry person
➡️ For sharing your blessings with someone in need

… In Allah SWT’s most BELOVED 10 days of the year, in which the rewards for all good deeds are multiplied greatly!

In other words, by helping deliver something as simple as a loaf of bread in Yemen, you can unlock your doors to Jannah this Dhul Hijjah.

But, remember…

The clock is ticking.

And every tomorrow in Yemen sees more and more lives lost to hunger than yesterday.

And that is why we must act now.

Why Donate to Fikr Organization For Development And Humanitarian Action?

We are a Yemeni humanitarian, development, non-governmental, non-profit organization, established on 10/07/2020 with License No. (69/M/2020) issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor – Office of Social Affairs and Labor – Taiz Governorate.

Our vision is to embark on charitable fields and implement development and humanitarian projects with high efficiency, our distinguished staff, and youth work teams that possess high competencies and extensive experience in volunteering, innovation, initiative, and humanitarian and development work.

We aim to:

Support economic empowerment programs for poor families in Yemen
Establish a vocational training center for youth to reduce the phenomenon of unemployment in Yemen
Provide humanitarian aid to destitute families and people with special needs in Yemen
Contribute to spreading cultural awareness among the Yemeni society
Support women’s education and reducing the phenomenon of dropping out of education in Yemen
Coordinate with specialized donors to support and adopt similar programs in Yemen

We have huge goals, but we need your help to keep going.



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