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Hearing is a gift but not everyone is given that gift. We want to give the deaf the miracle of hearing and we need your help to make it happen.

Hearing Aid Assistance for the Deaf in Indonesia

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Bandung, Indonesia


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Why Does It Matter? Apparently, Many Deaf Brothers and Sisters are Around Us!

Humans were created with compassion and love for one another, yet there are still many of our brothers and sisters who live with ‘special’ conditions that we have been overlooking. This includes our brothers and sisters who have difficulties in hearing. According to data from the Information System for the Management of Persons with Disabilities (SIMPD) from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, among persons with disabilities in Indonesia, 7.03% of them are persons with hearing disabilities (2019).

They might not look different from the outside, but the difficulty have limited them in communicating and led to people avoiding and hesitating to communicate with them. This is not right, is it? Limited does not mean unable to communicate, right?

So, Let’s Help Them!

Our deaf brothers and sisters wish that they can communicate with more people. After all, even though they have trouble hearing, there is no difference because we are all human blessed by Allah Swt. Likewise, we might not realize that we are actually communicating with deaf brothers and sisters at times.

“Sometimes we don’t realize that there are actually friends who have trouble hearing. They usually interact a lot with their fellow deaf people,” said Yosef, one of the Filantra Volunteers.

What are the Impacts?

With the ease to communicate with deaf friends, we hope that there will also be more opportunities for our deaf brothers and sisters to open up, especially in social matters, friendships, and even job opportunities.

“They also have the same opportunity, it’s just that they are constrained by communication so they have to make sign language easier,” he explained.

For this reason, Filantra Foundation invites you to help our deaf friend in Indonesia through Hearing Aid Waqf program.

Previously, Filantra Foundation have also distributed hearing aids to deaf relatives in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

By endowment of this hearing aid, we want to help our brothers and sister who remain optimistic to live with the community.

Let’s make it easier for our brothers and sisters to get hearing aids by clicking  SUPPORT now.



Alhamdulillah, you have helped one deaf person with a hearing aid

December, 2024

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December, 2024

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