Help Us Uplift Syrian Orphans Through Education this Dhul Hijjah

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With Your Support, We Can Give Hundreds of Orphans Access to a State-of-the-art School

What kind of a person would you have grown into if your parents hadn’t been there for you when you were young?

Would you have received enough education?

Would you have learned the difference between right and wrong?

And would you have been able to earn a living for yourself in this wildly competitive world?

In Syria, millions of children have lost their parents to starvation, preventable diseases, and natural disasters.

These children navigate the world without anyone by their side.

But they don’t have to.

Because as privileged adults, WE have the power to hold their hands…

And lead them to a better future.

These Children Could Have Been Yours…

While the Syrians may not make the news as often, the situation in the country is dire.

Syria has suffered through thirteen long years of political conflict, alongside starvation, displacement, loss, diseases, and natural disasters.

The victims of these catastrophes are not just adults but also young, innocent children…just like ours.

Currently, around 650,000 children aged under five are experiencing stunted growth in Syria.

In addition to that, at least 1.2 MILLION children have been orphaned by the conflict and are at higher risk of malnourishment, starvation, and preventable diseases.

While our children go to school, make friends, and plan out their futures…

These children worry about their day-to-day lives…

But are they any less deserving?

Or any less human?

Help an Orphan AND Attain the Best Company in Jannah

What the above hadith really tells us is that if we are kind to an orphan, we will be admitted to the highest ranks of Jannah, where the Prophet (PBUH), his companions, and all the other prophets are.

Can you imagine?

Just one small act of kindness  can reward you with the company of all important figures in Islam.

And we are making achieving this incredible honor easy today, through our current campaign targeted at orphans.

In a nutshell, we aim to open a model school for orphans in Syria, where apart from receiving high-quality education, students will also receive guidance, counseling, and healthy nutrition.

We believe that such an approach will help us empower vulnerable communities in Syria and help them live a more dignified and independent life.

But we cannot undertake this task alone.

With Your Funds, We Will…

      Construct the building for the school, complying with all safety regulations

      Equip laboratories and libraries with the required resources

      Install multimedia resources in different classrooms

      Create a multi-use public space that can be used by the community

With your help, we can create a state-of-the-art school which not just uplifts the orphans, but helps the overall community by creating job opportunities and promoting economic development.

But…why build a school when these children are starving?

It’s true that many children in Syria are malnourished.

And we agree: it’s important to provide short-term relief, but it’s just as important to empower these communities so they can eventually take care of themselves in the long run.

Through education, these children can change their perspectives and their futures.

They can create ripples in their community and become agents of change in the society.

And most importantly, they can gain control of their own lives, without constantly having to worry about daily survival.

If that resonates with you, click here to donate now.

Quickly—Before You Lose Out!

The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah are just around the corner.

And considering how fast time flies, you have LIMITED time to take up the offer. Rasulullah SAW said:

By donating to this project in these blessed days, you will not just earn the reward of changing MULTIPLE children’s futures, but that reward will be MULTIPLIED because of the virtues of the month.

Is there more left to say?

Donate quickly before these blessed days pass by…



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