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Assist disadvantaged families in Gaza by providing essential aid such as food, water, shelter, winter relief, and medical assistance.

Emergency Appeal for Gaza this Ramadan

by Marine Foundation

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Gaza, Palestinian Territory

Marine Foundation

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Gaza is currently in a critical state, and we urgently seek your assistance to address the worsening humanitarian conditions. The region has witnessed an unprecedented surge in violence.


In light of this crisis, our humanitarian team is actively present on the ground, gearing up to deliver vital aid and assistance to the families facing the greatest challenges. Your immediate support can make a significant impact during these pressing times.

The Importance of Your Support:

Gaza is confronting an unparalleled humanitarian crisis, with families enduring unimaginable hardships. The devastation of homes, displacement of innocent lives, and the scarcity of life’s essentials such as food, clean water, and medical care paint a grim picture. Your support is crucial in alleviating the suffering and bringing hope to those in desperate need.

Marine Foundation TR’s Pioneering Efforts:

At Marine Foundation TR, our unwavering commitment to humanitarian aid is evident through three years of dedicated emergency relief efforts. On the front lines, we tirelessly work to provide immediate assistance, including:


  1. Emergency Kits: These kits, comprising essentials like blankets, clothing, hygiene items, and cooking utensils, serve as a lifeline for those who have lost everything.
  2. Food Assistance: Our teams are actively distributing nutritious food packages, ensuring that no one in Gaza goes to bed hungry. Your contribution can play a crucial role in nourishing those in dire need.


  1. Medical Aid: Gaza’s hospitals and medical facilities are overwhelmed. Human Appeal steps in with vital medical supplies and support, working to save lives during this critical time.


  1. Building Durable Tents: The existing UN Shelters are unable to accommodate the overwhelming population of displaced Palestinians. Your donations empower us to construct weather-resistant tents near all 29 UN schools.


  1. Water Desalination Plant: In collaboration with UNRWA, our water desalination plant pumps 60,000 liters of water every hour for six hours a day, addressing the pressing need for clean water in the region. Your support makes these life-saving initiatives possible.

Your Essential Contribution:


Your donation plays a crucial role in delivering immediate relief to the people of Gaza during these challenging times. Every dollar you contribute directly supports our life-saving initiatives on the ground. Your generosity has the power to bring hope and alleviate the suffering of countless families in need.

Join Forces for Change:


We call upon you to unite with Marine Foundation TR by contributing to this emergency fundraiser. Together, we have the potential to make a significant impact, offering a lifeline to those in Gaza facing unprecedented challenges. Your generosity will serve as a beacon of hope during their darkest hours.


We express gratitude for your steadfast compassion and support. Together, let us be a force for positive change and provide relief to the vulnerable in Gaza.
Dedicated Fundraising Campaign for Marine Foundation TR:


This campaign is dedicated to fundraising on behalf of Marine Foundation TR, a registered charity in Turkey. The collected funds will be directed to this charity. All donations are Zakah eligible.



Provides hot meals for those in need.

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Supports the provision of a food parcel for a family.

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Ensures access to clean drinking water and fuel.

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Supplies hygiene kits for individuals and families.

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Contributes to the provision of shelter for those displaced.

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Be a supporter, making a significant impact on various relief efforts.

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Be a hero, providing substantial support for critical humanitarian initiatives.

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