ONSUR’s Emergency Appeal for Earthquake Victims


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This morning, a terrible earthquake shook Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and adjacent territories causing heartbreaking sorrow to cover the Middle East. With over 5,000 verified deaths and countless others going missing within a 24-hour period, the death toll is astonishing.

Communities are in disorder as a result of the earthquake, with homes in ruins and families being forced to evacuate to the streets out of fear. Our emergency responders are working nonstop to provide assistance and support to individuals who are in need.

ONSUR charity teams are working in relief on the ground. We’re providing victims and aid workers with hot meals, Ready-to-Eat food packs, winter clothes, and shelter packs (blankets, rugs, and insulators). We’re asking you to join us in our effort to relieve and help those who are in need. Every donation matters and has the potential to save lives. Please give right now to aid those in need and help restore hope.


The International Association for Relief and Development (ONSUR) is a non-governmental organization registered in Turkey under the registration number (27-018-178), which deals with relief and development projects and early recovery projects empowering local communities in the context of eradicating poverty and empowering vulnerable groups. Established at the early date of 2012, and Head Office of the Association is located in Gaziantep, Turkey. In addition to executive offices and partners spread across Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Bangladesh, Jordan, Lebanon and Somalia.


USD $20.00

10 meals for affected people and aid workers

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USD $20.00

Winter Clothes Package

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USD $27.00

RTE package: Ready-to-Eat Packs

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USD $130.00

Shelter Package (4 blankets, 4 rugs, 1 insulator)

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Anonymous USD $100.00 February 24, 2023
Anonymous USD $50.00 February 10, 2023
Anonymous USD $20.00 February 10, 2023
Anonymous USD $50.00 February 10, 2023


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