Feed A Life Campaign

We’re on the ground delivering LIFESAVING aid to over 6 million refugees living through war. They’re crying out for your help & we can’t do it without your support. Make A Donation = Feed a Life! Help provide 10,000 families with food in war-torn regions. One Nation (Spotlight Humanity) is a registered charity in the U.K. Registration Number: 1156200

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Care For Orphans and Children In Need

EMO [Erth Al-Mustafa Organisation] has been working with Shafar Orphanage for 3 years in providing Islamic and Academic education for the Orphans in need.

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Help Us Build The First Islamic Center in Stouffville!

They’ve outgrown their small Musala and can no longer accommodate the growing demand of students. Help us build our Islamic Center which will be a foundational project that will serve as inspiration for many others to come. Contribute to a legacy that will outlive you. This will be a perpetual charity (sadaqa) on your behalf. There is no better deal than this! “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.” [Sahih Muslim] Make A Donation = Build an Islamic Center ​Darul Khair is a registered Canadian Charity: 81217 3201 RR0001

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Save our Youth!

Donate to empower, educate and mentor the youth Make A Donation = Save a Youth Help us provide free Islamic Education to younger generation Sponsoring 2000 new students GIVE THEM VISION OF LIFE GIFT OF GUIDANCE

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Sponsor Orphans from Yemen and feed them this Ramadan

Oxygen for Relief and Development aims to provide a Ramadan Food Basket and Orphans' Sponsorship Packages for the Yemen areas camps, during the holy month of Ramadan. Take this valuable opportunity to give and support vulnerable families in these few sacred and blessed days; in these hard times, we could all use some blessings, to make every day a blessed and auspicious day. Refugee camp families have suffered enormously this year and every year since they left their homes, these vulnerable families still have not recovered and now they don't even have food for the holy month of Ramadan.

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Join Omar Suleiman to Save a Yemeni Child

A child like Meshal dies every 10 minutes from preventable causes in Yemen. You can help us make sure we don’t lose another in the next 10 minutes. The timer starts now… ✔ Your donation towards this cause is verified 100% Zakat-Eligible ✔ Give with the peace of mind that your personal information is handled […]

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